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Some of the issues we address include but are not limited to, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, abuse, social-media bullying, hate speech, and racism. These plague our young people and we aim to educate and uplift our youth.


Money raised for this campaign will be spent towards publications and educational groups in schools as well as supporting other underfunded programs that help young people stay away from drugs, violence, and self-harm in our local communities.


Many of our staff maintain this campaign with their love for our community and receive no compensation for their dedication and hard work.


We are so pleased to have joined forces with singer and songwriter, Abisha Uhl, in promoting this awareness.


Ideas to remember

  • Being different is an art form.

  • Our differences are what make us great.

  • You're not less of a person because of your sexual preference.

  • Razors have voices, so do you. 

  • Parts of life are painful, but it will get better.  

  • Other's words don't dictate who you are.

  • Depression has a way out. 

  • Self-destruction is not an option.

  • Suicide? 

  • Broken heart, Rape, Abuse, Eating Disorder, Self Mutilation? You CAN overcome these and live a full life.

  • Hope is NOT lost, you WILL live on.


Join us and help us educate that life is worth so much more than words. Words come and go, but your life, your beauty, is always there and will grow and overcome adversity.

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Torn Labels Project is an advocacy campaign to promote anti-hate through music, art, and knowledge. We hope to bring a voice to the issues of our social and technology-filled world through positive expressive art forms. 
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